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Understanding audience engagement across the media landscape, regardless of region, is critical for all industry participants. In many markets, the qualification of media consumption and audiences is the basis for a form of currency that underpins the industry.

In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which has a thriving radio industry, no such reliable currency has ever existed. Nor have agreed-upon standards for audience measurement ever been formalized by key radio industry stakeholders—until now. Developed in collaboration with the UAE’s radio broadcasters, Nielsen’s Radio Audience Measurement (RAM) provides the market with the foundation for a true radio measurement currency.

With industry-backed radio measurement, radio broadcasters can understand who’s tuning in and from where, media agencies can optimize their campaigns, and advertisers will know which audiences they’re reaching.

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ram is a Vital Tool for Key Clients

Voice Analysis

Demonstrate value in an increasingly fragmented media landscape. RAM equips you with insights that allow you to segment audiences with depth and precision. That way you can distinguish yourself. For example, you can highlight the right opportunity for your advertisers—whether it’s a broad demographic group or a targeted consumer segment.


Develop marketing campaigns that bring unique insights to life through content that will instantly connect your brand with receptive radio listeners.

Media Agencies

Use data from RAM to develop a robust, world-class media strategy. Identify your clients’ audiences: where they are, how diverse their preferences are, and how they spend their time. Design, implement and evaluate campaigns that deliver on your clients’ business goals.

Innovative Radio Measurement for the UAE

Accurate and trusted media measurement is no easy feat, and it’s even more complicated in the UAE, which has one of the most diverse populations in the world. In fact, it’s home to consumers from more than 200 different nationalities, and expats make up 90% of the population. Further complicating matters are a disproportionate gender skew (77% are male), a very young listening audience and near 100% smartphone penetration.

To Ensure Comprehensive, Representative and Accurate Measurement, NIelsen:

Fielded an establishment survey involving more than 17,000 face-to-face interviews before commencing measurement to collect complete demographic information (gender, age, income, household size, etc.) across all seven Emirates. These surveys will continue annually to stay abreast of population demographics.

cross platform

Developed paper and online formats for its listener diaries, which listeners use to log their radio consumption. Each diary collects the same information, and the dual-format diary was a first for Nielsen.


Established consistent, ongoing measurement every day of the year rather than just at the onset of each quarter.

Will collect listening across all stations (AM/FM, internet, mobile).

Professional services firm PwC audits Nielsen’s UAE RAM. High-quality media currencies around the world are audited. PwC’s audience measurement team monitors Nielsen’s measurement activities closely and examines the methodology Nielsen uses to prepare the UAE RAM offering and provides independent assurance over the application of the methodology in calculating and reporting the UAE RAM data.

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Detailed Measurement to Fully Understand Radio Audiences

True radio measurement involves more than simply knowing if someone is tuned into the radio—especially in a region with as much listener diversity as the UAE. That’s why we built our methodology with as much robust attention to granular detail as possible.

Nielsen’s UAE RAM:

  • Is backed by a demographically representative dataset of 14,700 data points from 2,100 respondents each quarter.
  • Offers reach and frequency analysis, along with detailed listening trends: time spent, station share; and cumulative audience reach—and data analyses can be exported.
  • Includes Radio Advisor, Nielsen’s radio analysis tool that was built specifically for radio data and analysis. It allows broadcasters, agencies and advertisers to gain insight into the aspects of their audiences that are most important to them.
  • Offers clients the ability to create target audiences based on a wide range of demographics and lifestyle measures.
  • Features a built-in reach and frequency planning module for campaign optimization


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