Silviu Stroie

Chief Executive Officer, PGL

Founder and CEO of PGL ESPORTS, one of the leading esports event organizers in the world, Silviu Stroie is a great visionaire and the brain behind the company success. He is the one responsible for management and development and he also manages all current and new relationships of PGL.

As CEO of PGL, he has managed to orchestrate and deliver very successful events along with some of the most important names in esports. As a result of these collaborations, PGL’s portfolio includes world-class events and the organization goal is to increase the production value of the largest esports events in the world thanks to the innovative ideas of the team.
Silviu, alongside PGL, shares the commitment of highlighting the beauty of competitive gaming and bringing it to an ever-increasing number of viewers worldwide, by delivering the best quality for customers and viewers.

Outside of the office, Silviu is a huge supporter of the Romania national football team and the proud father of Alexandru and Ștefan.