What we measure

Nielsen’s industry-leading consumer lifestyle segmentation yields the richest consumer behavioural information for shopping, financial and technology preferences, media habits (online and offline) and so much more. Capitalize on hidden patterns of customer behaviour by connecting market demand, consumer insight and analysis, and behavioural measurement data.

Our segmentation systems cover implicit needs-based segmentations, socio-demographic segmentations, customer value segmentations, purchase-based segmentations, and segmentation based on short Omnibus surveys, customised solutions and everything in between.

How we do it

Nielsen’s segmentation systems offer a flexible framework for decision-making that is consistent for all geographic levels. Each segmentation system is optimized for industry-specific consumer behaviors and preferences that generate measurable results.

These powerful consumer segmentation insights help you make better, more informed decisions on market planning, media strategy, customer acquisition, and cross-selling and retention programs. Discover who your best customers are and where you can locate others like them, group similar segments together to maximize marketing efficiency and reach, and tailor messages and products that resonate with your customers.