Brand Building

You’re facing a tough sales and promotion environment, and fragmented media, margin pressure and competition for shelf real estate are fighting for your marketing dollar.

Despite the challenges, however, being a strong brand has never been more important. Without powerful branding that captures attention and is distinctive and compelling, the battle can only be fought on price. Quite simply, strong brands win market share and loyalty. They also command higher premiums.

What we measure

Achieving and sustaining brand growth is about tapping into and driving demand, and connecting with your customers via the right offers and the right conversations. To win, you need to understand how your brand impacts purchase intent and sales performance. Nielsen creates this link by directly correlating its proprietary measure of brand equity with market share and customer loyalty.

We give you a clear portrait of who is doing what, and why. We’ll show you which category attributes your consumers value most, how your brand compares with competitors’, and which tactics will cultivate stronger brand equity to realize revenue growth.

How we do it

We know brands better than anyone, and we’re passionate about them. Our methods are tried and tested, and we’ve helped brands succeed in 87 markets across the globe by applying learnings from thousands of brand studies across hundreds of categories.

Our methodology has been validated in-market to have a significant correlation with brand share, and our research is powered by a large normative database of more than 16,000 global brands.

Put simply, Nielsen’s measure of brand equity is an accurate barometer of purchase intent and directly correlates with market share. This means that as we help you develop strategies and goals to build your brand, we can predict the business impact of achieving these goals.