Shopper Fundamentals


Shoppers are exposed to thousands of brands and spend very little time thinking about them. Over time, they start to shop in ‘auto-pilot’ mode, using what we refer to as Omega Rules to simplify the way they navigate supermarket aisles and categories and the way they select and purchase brands.

Through a deeper understanding of shoppers’ category ‘rules’ as well as the triggers that will break through auto-pilot behaviour and create change (Delta Moments), we are able to better influence shopper engagement.

Shopper behaviour varies across categories and brands and this should be reflected in retailer and supplier shopper marketing strategies. Nielsen Category Shopper Fundamentals provides insight into when, where and how to influence changes in shoppers’ category shopping behaviour.

Nielsen Category Shopper Fundamentals will help you answer:

  • Which categories are experimental and need constant innovation, advertising and word of mouth to keep up with consumers’ attention span
  • Which categories are low involvement and require promotional fanfare to break them out of auto-pilot mode?
  • Which categories are you better off engaging consumers with strong in store triggers on packaging and promotions, and which should you push manufacturers for pre-store activation like advertising, family preference and word of mouth?
  • Which categories do consumers spend time browsing, and which should you should allocate more space to?
  • Where can you promote experimentation to increase basket size? How?
  • Where should you encourage manufacturers to come up with new varieties and introductions to excite your consumers?
  • Which categories will a price increase drive customers away?
  • Which categories are you over-promoting and should cut back?