What impact did your marketing activity have on sales? What’s working, what’s not? That’s what you need to know about your marketing activities to ensure they’re giving you what you need. It’s why we collaborate with manufacturers and media companies alike, and why we strive to make the critical connection between your marketing and sales–so you can evaluate your marketing strategy from every angle.

Winning the day will come down to having a consistent view of all of your information. One truth that the entire business views and makes strategic decisions based on.

What we measure

In the end, it’s all about putting the pieces together to deliver and effectively communicate integrated learning that drives marketing return on investment (ROI) from end-to-end. You need harmonised data that deliver consistent reporting that seamlessly rolls up and drills down to meet the needs of the business.

By analysing your marketing mix, we can provide you with the analytical foundation to guide strategic investment decisions for brands and category portfolios across markets.

Our solutions analysing the reaction to your marketing activities will help you answer questions such as:

  • Has my media activity affected sales?
  • What media should we use?
  • What is the ROI per brand, campaign and media type?
  • What is the most effective creative?
  • Is advertising creating longer-term sales effects?
  • What is the most effective frequency of my media?

How we do it

Marketing mix modelling uses multivariate regression models, looking comprehensively at all drivers including brand equity. This allows you to fully evaluate the contribution of each medium, copy and flight in the mix, in terms of its sales impact and ROI.

With our proprietary ROI modelling approach, we give you actionable insights surrounding your marketing as a whole. This comprehensive view is necessary to help you tune up your marketing mix, prioritise spending and create effective, efficient and memorable marketing plans.

Our marketing planner tool allows you to activate marketing mix model results across your organisation, as well as optimise the level and mix of activities that maximises revenue, profit, or some combination of the two.