More and more brands are using new media vehicles and approaches to reach their audiences in real time. Ultimately, advertisers need to prove these tactics are driving brand response, as opposed to metrics such as click-through rate, in order to justify continued investment.

What we measure

Nielsen’s market-leading campaign measurement and optimisation solution can help you review your campaign’s creative performance and get a real-time understanding of its ability to drive a brand response.

Advertisers, agencies and media owners use our information to measure and optimise advertising in all its forms: TV, online, mobile and tablet. We measure all kinds of ad formats, giving you the insights you need to understand if an ad resonated and how it moved the needle against your primary campaign objective—in real-time.

How we do it

Our real-world environment methodology allows for a realistic assessment, based only on ‘opportunity to see’, of ad and brand recall, messaging success, impact/response and breakthrough, giving a read on overall campaign execution success. Our solution provides a collaborative technology platform that allows everyone with a stake in the outcome of a campaign to measure and optimise performance in-flight, using classic brand lift metrics such as awareness, attitudes, favourability, intent and preference.

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