Crisis Monitoring

Listening to social media by keeping an eye on the levels of buzz and sentiment will help brand detect issues that may impact you brand. Online monitoring can help you proactively avoid and diffuse problems that may severely impact your business.

How we do it

  • Timeline of events: we identify the causes of crisis and waves of negative press regarding brand.
  • Crisis buzz: we help you understand the impact of a campaign by monitoring the amount of discussion across social media.
  • Crisis Tweet mapping: we help you understand the sources from which the campaign discussions took place, as well as the degree of campaign exposure online.
  • Key opinion leader evaluation: we identify the key opinion leaders that contributed most towards proliferating negative messages.
  • Consumer sentiment angle: we help you understand consumers’ positive and negative discussions to help you better design a response to address public concerns.
  • Brand impact evaluation: we observe brand buzz to determine whether or not the crisis severely affected brand’s image online.