What We Measure

Our solutions provide you with a comprehensive view of not only who is watching and listening but how, where, when and why—allowing you to engage audiences and optimize advertising spend.

TV Measurement

Today’s consumers are watching more TV than ever, which makes understanding what and how they’re watching an essential part of any marketing campaign. With our expansive and representative television panels, Nielsen tracks viewing behavior down to the second, revealing detailed programming and commercial engagement.

Using data from set top boxes, Nielsen delivers a constant, real-time stream of information, revealing tuning behavior during programs and commercials. We can tell clients which commercials are being watched and which have the strongest engagement and impact. We even analyze which position in the program or commercial block is most effective for a specific brand.

Audio Measurement

As the definitive source for comprehensive audio metrics and insights, Nielsen measures listeners however they tune in. Using a combination of listener panels and electronic measurement technology, Nielsen knows who’s listening, what they’re listening to, and how.

Nielsen has been measuring radio tune-in since 1936 and has been amplifying its capabilities ever since. Today, Nielsen provides comprehensive data and rich insights into the changing patterns of radio listening behavior in multiple countries. Our approach offers consistent, dependable data and analysis to maximize radio marketing plans.