Global Consumer Confidence

Just like you evaluate your business’ quarterly performance, four times a year Nielsen takes a pulse of consumer sentiment towards the global economic climate by asking consumers about their job prospects, personal finances and spending and saving intentions. Some are eager to open their wallets now, while others are saving their cash for better days. To keep you connected with evolving global consumer priorities, the Global Consumer Confidence survey represents nearly two billion people across 60 countries to provide uncommon insight into worldwide consumer sentiment.

What We Measure

The survey measures consumer attitudes about the job market, spending intentions and changing habits. Twice a year, we ask additional questions to gain a deeper understanding about consumer sentiment on timely topics such as; loyalty, new product innovation, food safety and online shopping. The results give international fast-moving consumer goods companies, retailers and media outlets insights into the attitudes and behaviors as it relates to the ever-changing retail, media and technology global landscape.

How We Do It

The Nielsen Global Consumer Confidence Survey is an online survey of more than 30,000 respondents across countries in Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and North America. We use age and gender quotas to ensure the results are representative of Internet users. Because we’ve conducted the survey since 2005, we provide a consistent benchmark to compare how consumer attitudes across countries are changing over time.


The results of the survey include Nielsen’s Consumer Confidence Index (CCI), which boils down mountains of data into a single indicator of consumer sentiment for each country Nielsen measures. That’s like knowing your destination is 7.8 miles due north rather than “up the road a bit.” By pinpointing how attitudes and desires are driving consumers’ purchasing habits, we can help you better anticipate the trends around the corner.