Market and Brand Opportunity Assessments

What We Measure

Most new product development processes begin with a range of possibilities that need to be prioritised to a manageable set of ideas. We help you narrow down multiple concepts into the few that will have the highest likelihood of success. By helping you zero in on your most marketable concepts, we calculate and reduce risk associated with new product launches.

Not all consumers who reveal their purchase intent actually go on to purchase your new product. We can help you answer questions about your likely volume and profit potential for your new initiative and provide advice to maximise the return on your innovation investment. Our experience tracking thousands of product campaigns combined with our trusted experts and comprehensive suite of solutions will help you differentiate your product, ultimately paving the way for a winning and sustainable launch.

How we do it

Using our 12 Factors for Success method, we can predict the probability of launching a winning product. Outstanding performance on just a few of these factors is not enough; a new product is only as strong as its weakest link. This process, modelled on more than 30 years’ testing across more than 200,000 initiatives worldwide, identifies which factors will lead your new product to market success.

In fact, we have validated approximately 2,000 of our concept tests over the years and have found the variance between our volume forecasts pre-launch versus actual market sales is within +/-9 percent.