Social TV

Social media is re-energizing TV—acting like a shot of pure adrenaline that’s fuelling millions of digital conversations. In 2013 alone, 36 million people sent 990 Million Tweets about TV, according to Nielsen Social. Those conversations have created a digital dialogue we’ve come to know as social TV

And this is no fad. It’s a second-screen phenomenon that’s created some of the most influential conversations out there—so much in fact that TV programmers are integrating hashtags and social conversations directly into their shows. So how do you tap into this ever-expanding discussion?


Nielsen Social provides the first-ever measure of the total reach of TV-related conversation on Twitter—delivering not just Twitter activity (i.e., people tweeting about TV programs), but also the number of people viewing tweets. The results empower networks, advertisers, agencies and multi-system operators (MSOs) to understand, measure and act on the social momentum of live TV. With insight into real-time conversations, we can help you make critical business decisions:
– How can networks apply TV’s social halo to drive tune-in?
– How can agencies make more informed media planning and buying decisions for their clients?
– How can an advertiser know which TV audiences are most likely to amplify their brand messages on Twitter?
– How can MSOs guide viewers toward trending programs?

With a Web-based platform and Twitter TV APIs (application programming interfaces) for real-time engagement and analysis, SocialGuide enables you to not only measure and analyse Twitter TV conversation, but also create truly immersive consumer experiences. So as the realm of social TV is rapidly expanding, TV networks can measure the full Twitter engagement surrounding programs and agencies and advertisers can integrate the full impact of Twitter TV into their make data-driven media planning and buying decisions.
Social is reenergizing TV. Learn more about social TV measurement and join the conversation.

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