Retail Analytics

We know you have a lot of information coming at you about all aspects of your business. That begs the question of how to best decipher it—and more importantly, how to use it to improve results.

That’s where our analytics comes in. Not only do we have high-quality data, but also descriptive and predictive models to translate raw information into valuable insights. And those insights can pave the way toward sure-fire decision making. The whole point is to help describe, predict and improve your business performance.

We have the technology and expertise to provide meaningful—and actionable—analytics. They’re based on rock-solid, accurate data and given utility by our deep understanding of markets and consumers around the world. We also factor in business challenges in industries that mirror, complement and compete with yours.

How we do it

We have the world’s largest marketing mix solution. Our volume coverage goes beyond POS-based models and integrates data from across our global assets, evaluating both traditional and non-traditional marketing. We’ll help you get a handle on marketing return on investment, then use simulation tools and what-if scenarios to help you improve your marketing plans.

At a more granular level, we offer assortment analytic services. We know that delivering the right assortment is not a point-in-time exercise but a continuous process. We’ll help you with a model that includes a true consumer-based approach that measures consumer response to assortment. That way we can deliver insights that drive value all the way from the strategic planning process through tactical execution.


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