Case study: Quantifying the impact of TikTok advertising

With its immersive full-screen, sound-on formats and diverse video content, TikTok has struck a chord with creators and viewers in Middle East, North Africa (MENA). It has seen tremendous growth in audiences for engaging entertainment and inspirational content.

The Future Awaits: Tech-Transformed Consumption

In our latest research, we examine the challenges and accelerators affecting how and when consumers around the world will engage with the myriad forms of emerging technologies primed to make their lives easier and more efficient.

From X-Rays to MBAs: The Next Wave of Digital Opportunities

From search engines to social networks, people around the globe mostly use electronic devices for three primary purposes: relationship building/maintaining, information gathering and entertainment viewing. But what does the future use of electronic devices look like, and where are the best...

The Telecom Industry at Its Best

In the competitive telecom landscape, companies have several avenues they can explore to make compelling promises to customers. Often however, telecom brands look no further than the more fundamental needs of good network coverage, dependable customer experience, and reliability.

Tapping the Full Potential of Mobile Advertising

There’s little doubt that mobile is here to stay, and its growing influence can be seen in pockets and purses around the globe. Smartphone penetration in the UAE, for example, stands at 78 percent, which is almost 10 percent higher than in the U.S. Despite the forward momentum, however, recent...