Consumers are changing with the times, and the same goes for us. As technology continues to evolve and media companies try new ways to attract viewers, understanding what consumers are watching—and what they’re watching on—is more important than ever. Today, viewing video is a personal and mobile experience—anytime and anywhere. This media fragmentation is both a challenge and an opportunity.

Our capabilities provide relevant metrics that are necessary to inform successful marketing and programming and drive continued growth. We measure over a hundred channels, thousands of programs, and thousands of viewers. This measurement breadth allows clients to plan programming and advertising for their ideal audience. That great car ad you saw during your favorite reality show—that was no accident—it was informed by big data.


Electronic and proprietary metering technology is at the heart of Nielsen’s Television Audience Measurement (TAM). In addition to capturing what channels NZ viewers are watching on each television set in the home, our meters can identify who is watching and when, including “time-shifted” viewing—the watching of recorded programming up to seven days after an original broadcast and viewing of subscription only premium channels.

Chosen at random through proven methodology, Nielsen’s NZ TV families represent a cross-section of households throughout the country. The current panel includes more than 900 households. We measure viewing using people meters, which capture information about what’s being viewed and when, and specifically who and how many people are watching. More information on the TAM methodology can be found here.


Knowing how and when to reach prospective consumers is the Holy Grail of audience measurement and helps media companies and brands make the right planning and programming decisions. Choosing what programs will be the biggest hits is still up to the consumer, but deep intelligence into viewing behavior can improve both return on investment and brand reputation.

The NZ TAM service is a syndicated service, and subscriptions are open to all. For more information about any of our services, please contact us.