Creative Communication

What we measure

Advertising and communications have both a short-term ‘call to action’ effect and a long-term effect on consumers’ attitudes and behaviours. Tracking the effectiveness of advertising and communications over time is important to understand the impact on brand perceptions and behavioural change. Everything consumers hear, see and experience from branding and advertising will affect how they respond to it in the future. Our advertising tracking framework can help you build the future you want for your brand. We tell you how to maximise your messaging and where to put your marketing dollars to grow your brand and share.

How we do it

We believe advertising needs to perform well in four key dimensions—create empathy and resonance, powerfully communicate a key message, persuade an attitude or behaviour shift, and have a real impact. We measure the effectiveness of advertising on these dimensions to give you a detailed diagnosis of how to optimise your advertising.

We can help you:

  • Tune your messaging and creative to maximise impact and drive attitudinal or behavioural change.
  • Reach your current and potential consumers more effectively.
  • Improve the ‘getting noticed’ quotient and cut through.
  • Enhance your media spend.

Our analysis allows you to identify who to talk to, who you are competing with and what to say, by understanding how communications can be optimised to directly affect share. This analysis can be applied by marketing and media agencies to constantly develop and refine advertising briefs and campaigns.