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Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders (AANHPI) are a driving force in the U.S., both as cultural influencers and powerful consumers. Your representation within the media and products you love begins with data. At Nielsen, we provide a cultural narrative for diverse communities through our research. Below you will find the latest AANHPI consumer insights and reports featuring Nielsen’s data. You can check out the work we are doing in AANHPI communities across the U.S.

And remember, every insight we share starts with a ‘yes.’ At Nielsen we get it. We’ve been listening to you for years. And when you say ‘yes’ to Nielsen panels and surveys, your voice is heard, your privacy is protected and your story gets told.

Asian American Diverse Intelligence Series

Nielsen’s Diverse Intelligence Series offers comprehensive reports that focus solely on diverse consumers’ unique media and consumption habits. The series has become an industry resource to help brands better understand and reach ethnic customers.

For the Asian American community who has experienced so much trauma in the past few years, being seen when tuning into media helps create a sense of connection and empowerment. The media industry has also pledged to do its part to invest in content that paints more accurate representations of diverse communities. This year’s Asian American Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander (AANHPI) Diverse Intelligence Series report explores if we have made any progress when it comes to Asian representation.

Asian American Voices in the Media

Watch Patricia Ratulangi, our VP of Global Communications, and influential guests Joanne Tabellija-Murphy, Angela Chang and Panney Wei while they reflect on the power of women influencers as advocates and storytellers.

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Nielsen condemns any racism and discrimination against Asian Americans—who have recently suffered from attacks, negative imagery and sharp declines in business.

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Diverse Intelligence Series Reports

Hope and action: The growing influence of Asian Americans

Hope and action: The growing influence of Asian Americans

Asian American DIS 2020 report

Engaging Asian American consumers at the dawn of a new decade

Informed influencers and powerful purchasers: The Asian American consumer journey

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Our thought leaders regularly speak at events and meetings to share our insights. Please email them to learn more.

Stacie de Armas

SVP, Diverse Insights & Initiatives

Charlene Polite Corley

VP, Diverse Insights & Initiatives

Patricia Ratulangi

VP, Communications – Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

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Your voice, your preferences and the power you yield as a consumer matters. It matters not only to the businesses that produce the products and media you consume, but it also matters to us. At Nielsen, we are committed to being responsible with the personal data we maintain and we are committed to protecting the privacy and security of the personal data we collect.