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Local Nielsen Media Impact

The ability for program directors to understand their audience is critical to the ratings and revenue success of their stations. PD Advantage Web is a best friend to programmers, providing the understanding they need to maintain and grow their audience and their share of ear.

Local Nielsen Media Impact (NMI) is a customizable solution, broken up into two modules. Within Local NMI, the Insights Module helps you identify the best stations, dayparts and formats (radio only) to engage your audiences. Evaluate granular data about consumer media behavior including platform reach, time spent, and cross-media audience duplication.

The Planning Module provides an easy, visual way to create media plan scenarios and compare weekly andaggregate reach, frequency and duplication. The software allows you to shift dollars between your chosenmedia and automatically creates alternate plan scenarios for you to review so you can find the optimal allocation of impression weights and budgets.

With the addition of Optimization in Local Nielsen Media Impact, fully optimize an existing plan or new plan with budget and GRP optimization at your fingertips.