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Nielsen Local TV View (NLTV)

Nielsen Local TV View (NLTV) is an online tool that allows users to analyze viewing within and across the 209 Nielsen Designated Market Areas (DMAs). Users can create custom trade areas to analyze a regional target audience, as well as sub-sample audience by a variety of characteristics.  Beginner modules are available for creating basic time period and program reports while the advanced reporting options allow users to create deep-dive reports for advanced viewership analytics.


Course Catalog
Feed Pattern Guide
NLTV Characteristics


Time Period Custom Analysis Training Guide
Report Guide
Creating Overnight Grid in NLTV
Only-Only Both Triplication
NLTV Auto Run
Reach and Frequency Importing
Promotion Optimizer Importing


How to Read Length of Tuning
How to Read Minute by Minute Flow
How to Read Promotion Optimizer
How to Read Quarter Hour Flow
How to Read Reach and Frequency
How to Read Viewing Household Analysis

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