Today’s increasingly complex television environment is driving a need for more advanced software to process, manage and interpret the growing amounts of audience data. Arianna helps our clients transform local overnight ratings data into a marketplace advantage and more efficiently meet the daily needs of Management, Research and Sales.


This document covers the system requirements for single market users of Arianna.

This document covers the system requirements for multi-market users of Arianna.

This document covers basic facts for Arianna.

This document contains frequently asked questions as well as answers for how to resolve them.

This document covers how to install the Nielsen Local Overnights Data Download Tool.

Software Tips

In addition to the stations and cable networks available for selection to Arianna, users can also elect to report on data for the viewing buckets described below.

This document covers descriptions, calculations and examples of each of the four averaging options which Arianna currently provides.

Information on all data streams available in Arianna including Live, Live+SD, Live+3 and Live+7.

Information on how dayparts are defined in Arianna and how dayparts do not remain within the boundaries of the broadcast/metered day.

METERED MARKET RELEASE TIMES (Nielsen Portal login required)

A grid of release times by metered market.

Description of Multi-Day grid settings.

Information on symbols Arianna displays next to measures in situations where the data is affected by a particular condition.

Tips on how to set Arianna to schedule reports to run when specific data is available.

When applicable, calculate the variance between Set-Meter and LPM Preliminary data for your market.

Recorded Sessions

This self-guided, pre-recorded session provides step-by-step instruction on how to build a daily grid.

This self-guided, interactive, pre-recorded session covers more than 19 ways you can select dates using the Arianna calendar filter.

Training Guides

This document showcases how to create simple and advanced dayparts including examples of commonly used dayparts.

This 66 page document provides an introduction to Arianna, module descriptions, how to work with workspaces and modules, how to make filter selections, how to work with analyses, advanced analytical features, using the online help, and standard/daylight savings time adjustments.

Use this guide to learn how Arianna allows you to automatically run a previously saved workspace at given dates and times. You can print, export, and e-mail the automatically generated reports.

These printable 5×7” quick reference cards provide access to modules, terminology, global selection assistant, ranking options, simple and advanced dayparts, interacting with analyses, AWS file manager, scheduling analyses to run automatically and building a daily grid.

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