MarketBreaks is a web-based research analysis tool accessible through the National TV Toolbox on Nielsen Answers. It enables users to analyze large sets of market breaks data across Broadcast, Syndication and Cable data sources. The software provides the ability to analyze detailed ratings data based upon the extensive list of market breaks and characteristics data and provides trending capabilities.


This document covers basic facts about MarketBreaks.

This document details the data delivery schedule for NPOWER and MarketBreaks.

Training Guide

This document is a guide to using MarketBreaks. Document Version 7.4.3 Revised 6/5/17.

Software Tips

This document is a guide to Rolling Time Shifted Viewing.

Steps to convert a ratings analysis into a trend builder.

This document provides information on how to extend reoccurring jobs.

This reference sheet defines the relabeling of select Market Sections, Market Breaks, and Optional Person Characteristics within the Respondent Demographics page in order to make them more uniform in format as of August 2017.

This document defines the different SAMPLES available.

This document provides information about strict daypart reporting within a Trend Builder and Trend Analysis Report.

This document provides examples of how Feed Pattern adjustments affect dayparts.

Steps to remedy a No Data Returned status and data delivery schedules.

Steps to guide you through reprocessing a trend builder.

This document explains how to run Season to Date, Season to End of Interval, Pre-Premieres and Premiere to Date Reporting.

This worksheet will assist in how many demographics, market breaks, playback periods and networks can be included in a single builder. There is a tab for Trend Analysis Program Builders and Trend Analysis Time Period Builders.

A list of the scheduling options for Commercial, Program and Time Period data types.

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