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NPOWER is getting a new look! This section contains materials related to the NEW version only. Classic resources are further down the page. All clients will be granted access to both interfaces to begin transitioning their work in preparation for retirement of the Classic interface at the end of 2020. Contact your Nielsen Client Services representative for more information.


This document covers basic NPOWER facts.

This document the data delivery schedule for NPOWER and MarketBreaks.

This workbook is designed to be used with the NPOWER: In-Depth 3-4-5 Way OOB class. The file contains three worksheet templates used to create 3, 4, or 5 way “Only Only Both” reports enabling you to show overlap against three, four, or five schedules. Each worksheet requires data input to update the Venn Diagrams to your specific data results.

This workbook merge tool is an Excel macro used to merger multiple NPOWER Excel files with the same format onto one Excel worksheet.  Get details instructions by clicking on the Blue Title above..

This comparison tool is an Excel macro used to easily merge the National vs. Out-Of-Home Preview and Stand Alone datasets side by side for simple analysis.

This document lists each report type, the data it produces and the reason you would run each report.

Training guide

This document is a guide to using NPOWER. Document Version 8.0 Revised 11/2/22.

This document introduces you and helps you get started in the new NPOWER user interface.

common questions and information you need to know.

Software tips

Want to find out how long viewers are viewing? There are several statistics available in NPOWER to answer this question.

This document shows how to report the percentage of audience that falls into a certain demographic or market break.

An additional subscription to NPOWER that provides household and demographic tuning data from the National Panel to all programming collected for up to 35 days post the original telecast.

This document provides information on how to extend reoccurring jobs.

This document provides examples of how Feed Pattern adjustments affect dayparts.

This document details selections needed when using MRI Fusion data. It also discusses crossing data fusions in NPOWER; in particular custom segmentations and MRI fusion data.

This data, this file contains a searchable list of Fusion data.

MRI Fusion variable

This document will walk you through the Nielsen Out-of-Home Reporting Service post currency and how to access it through NPOWER

An additional subscription to NPOWER that fuses the traditional National TV In-Home and Nielsen Portable People Meter (PPM) Out-of-Home TV viewing and provides the new total number for Broadcast and Cable networks.

This document defines the different SAMPLES available.

This document provides information about strict daypart reporting within a Ratings Analysis Program Report.

This document is a guide to Rolling Time Shifted Viewing.

This document explains how to run Season to Date, Season to End of Interval, Pre-Premieres and Premiere to Date Reporting.

This document covers different ways to select TV Connected Device options in NPOWER.

This document shows how to track your audience to identify what they were watching instead of your program.

This document shows how to create analysis to understand how viewers are flowing from month to month and thus want to analyze two different months in a unified analysis to look at those viewers who have left the sample versus those in the sample in both months.

Upload schedules from other software applications into NPOWER to be used in Reach and Frequency reports.

How to reads

How to Reads are sample report outputs for each report type, an explanation of the data included in each column of the report, and some calculations used in the report.

This document shows how to read the Average Reach report segment options.