Make more informed business decisions with NPOWER Segmentation Reports

Business Scenario 1

My network enjoys a fairly consistent ratings delivery and demographic profile. However, in recent weeks ratings for one of our top tier programs has slipped. How can I identify which viewers are now my light viewers/non viewers and what are they watching so that I can promote my program properly?


Step 1: Run a NTILE Segmentation report. In the example below, there were 866 Persons 18-49 that fell into the lightest viewers segment and 18,385 Persons 18-49 that fell into the non-viewers segment for Program A.

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Step 2: Once the viewer segments are identified, plug them into a Program Ratings Analysis report to see what programs they are watching on your network and identify where the best place to reach these viewers would be.

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Further Analysis Opportunities:

Are the non viewers of Program A, just not watching that programming or are they not viewing my network in general?

Pull a segmentation on previously run segmentation reports. For example, take the 18, 385 non viewers of Program A into a Number of Minutes Segmentation to see if they are viewers or non viewers of the network overall.

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Are heavy, medium and light viewers on my network accessing my website? Identify opportunities to run a cross promotion on your website to retain or regain audience by determining what viewer segments are also visiting your website. The cross platform reporting capabilities within NPOWER allow you to gain valuable insight on the interaction between TV and Online usage. Identify consumers that are core visitors of your website and core viewers of your programming on television via NPOWER segmentation.

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The Key to Deeper Insights on Your Audience

  • Do your heavy or light viewers change over time?
  • To what extent do your heaviest viewers drive your numbers?
  • Are the heavy viewers’ profiles similar to the overall networks’ viewer profiles?
  • What are the differences between your heavy and light viewers?
  • Where can light viewers be reached?
  • What other networks do your core viewers watch?

NPOWER segmentation reports answer these questions and more. Segmentation reports allow you to analyze a sub-sample of the National People Meter panel based on viewing behavior that you designate. The analyses expand your understanding of the composition of any given network’s audience: determine who the core viewers are and then profile those viewers further across demographics and market breaks.

Segmentation Report Options

  • Quad – separates viewers into four groups based on frequency and duration to determine loyal viewers.
  • NTile – divides viewing households/persons or Internet source users* into even groups to rank your TV /Internet users.
  • Number of Minutes – divides viewers into two groups (top viewers or bottom viewers) based on whether they meet the qualifier you set.
  • Numbers of Seconds/Page Views Internet – divides Internet users* into two groups (top Internet users or bottom Internet users) based on number of seconds or number of page views requested.

* – Analyses on Internet users require subscription to the Internet data set

Segmentations easily feed into other reports including Ratings Analysis, Reach & Frequency, PowerPlay, and Universe Estimate. This allows you to focus your analyses based on viewing behavior.