Video on Demand – Cross Platform

Today’s TV landscape allows networks to distribute their program content on multiple platforms, including traditional linear TV, non-linear on-demand TV and digital platforms. With the proper subscriptions and encoding, NPOWER can now help you take a look at how non-linear programming potentially impacts linear viewing and vice versa. 

Business Scenario 1

What are the Average Audience % and Total Rating Point % of my program episode across both linear and Video on Demand?


  1. Open a Ratings Analysis Program Report.
  2. On the Program selection page, on the Filters tab, under Originator Type, select Non-Linear and then under Originators, select your Video on Demand. Note: Reporting of your non-recently telecast Video on Demand content requires a separate subscription and encoding process. The Originator list displayed will therefore vary depending on your subscriptions and encoding.
  3. On the Program selection page, on the Advanced tab, select Episode and use the Wild Card search to locate Video on Demand content.
  4. From the Results tab, select desired linear episode and Video on Demand content to include in report.
  5. Repeat steps 2 through 4, this time selecting the appropriate Linear (Broadcast, Cable or Syndication) Originators and program episodes.
  6. On the Statistics selection page, select US AA% and Total Ratings Point.

  7. On the Report Segment page, select Program and Program Episode.

Business Scenario 2

Do my viewers only watch Video on Demand content or do they also watch linear content?


  1. Unify your sample.
  2. Create a schedule for your Video on Demand content.
  3. Create a schedule for your linear programs.
  4. Create a Reach and Frequency Duplication report to analyze who only watched Video on Demand content, only linear, and who watched both.

Linear and Non-Linear

Additional Ideas

For additional information and ideas on types of analysis that can be run using Non-Linear Video on Demand, please refer to the following documents: