Webinar: Five Keys to Ad Effectiveness

In this webinar, Leslie Wood, Chief Research Officer at Nielsen Catalina Solutions, and Dr. Carl Marci, Chief Neuroscientist at Nielsen, share answers to common ad effectiveness questions based on an unparalleled industry study of nearly 500 ad campaigns.

When it Comes to Advertising Effectiveness, What is Key?

With the transformation of the advertising industry over the past several years, it’s more important than ever to understand your advertising effectiveness and make better, more informed decisions about how to plan your campaigns.

Perspectives: A Small Change Makes a Big Difference

Measuring an ad’s ability to communicate trust is a tricky business: perceptions of trust can be non-conscious, formed almost immediately and biased by subtle factors. Given these nuances, explicit research methods aren’t sufficient.

Perspectives: Lessons from the Auto Show – for All Marketers

How many things can you say for certain that you're paying attention to, or even seeing, at any given moment? Our brains just aren’t good at recalling the kinds of details marketers need to evaluate their efforts in a complex world. That’s where the right neuroscience tools can help.