Digital Content Ratings

Get the full digital picture

Consumers engage with digital content across many platforms, so it’s imperative that market participants have clear knowledge of their total content consumption. Digital Content Ratings provides that insight by including program and episode-level video ratings and static content ratings for web pages and app sections. The solution also offers custom reporting capabilities that facilitate a thorough aggregation of digital reach, audience and time spent across platforms.

Content Ratings

Digital Content Ratings provides comprehensive content consumption measurement across every major digital platform. The solution includes best-in-class demographics from industry-leading data providers that enable publishers, agencies and advertisers alike to get a robust understanding of who consumes content across the digital media landscape.

Because Digital Content Ratings captures incremental reach, TV programmers can now get a true cross-platform rating for an episode of a TV show. Media sellers can reduce ad waste and drive revenue growth by effectively monetizing their inventory across platforms for content with ads that do not match linear television ads and content with no ads at all. With clear insight into actual consumption trends, media buyers can drive better outcomes for advertisers by purchasing in-demand inventory across platforms with confidence.

Content Ratings

Digital Content Ratings reports average audience, reach, frequency, gross rating point (GRP) and time spent metrics on digital content so that you can easily compare consumption to TV content consumption reported in Nielsen’s TV Ratings.

Syndicated daily ratings allow for actionable planning decisions and competitive benchmarking. Digital Content Ratings provides transparency into the digital landscape for all players in the ecosystem. Now it’s possible to stay ahead of the curve and know how competitors stack up.

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