Out-of-Home TV Measurement

Quantifying Out-Of-Home Viewing

Did you know that consumers spend half of their waking hours away from home? But that doesn’t mean they spend that much time away from the TV. In fact, TV viewing happens wherever our day takes us—both in and out-of-home. And that means media companies are missing out if they’re only tracking in-home viewing.

That’s where Nielsen’s Out-of-Home (OOH) TV Measurement comes in. This service, the latest component of the Nielsen Total Audience Framework, provides a more comprehensive view of linear TV audiences, as it provides clients with average audience lift in key advertising demographics for both broadcast and cable programs.

Actionable Insights

Given the notable amount of linear TV viewing that happens away from the home, media publishers need the ability to effectively monetize their content by accounting for all viewers wherever they watch. In addition, agencies need the ability to buy against a publisher’s audience to effectively position it to advertisers. Nielsen’s OOH TV Reporting Service provides that insight to buyers and sellers by providing individual data for programs and commercials on a Live through, Live+7-day basis. Reporting includes persons program and commercial average audience ratings and projections for both the National and Hispanic samples.

Content On-The-Go

Walk into nearly any bar, gym, airport or office these days and you’re likely not only to find a television but also viewers of all sorts with their eyes glued to the glass—from sports fans urging their teams on during a big game to investors tracking the financial markets to travelers monitoring news and weather reports.

But it’s not enough to simply know when people are watching content away from their homes. Marketers need to know what they’re watching. Nielsen can provide these insights to buyers and sellers, allowing them to assess their total audience. Using a fusion methodology (data from the Nielsen Portable People Meter™ {PPM} and the Nielsen National TV Panel), Nielsen delivers comprehensive viewing metrics. Content ranging from sports to children’s cartoons stand to benefit greatly. Out-of-Home viewing is an integral part of the Nielsen Total Audience framework as it provides a more complete picture of media consumption.

OOH LIFT BY Location

Source: Nielsen NPOWER. 1/1/17 – 12/10/17. Based on OOH viewership of fully encoded Networks. Lift based on Weighted Gross Ratings

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