Nielsen Political Solutions

Plan, Optimize and Measure Political Media Campaigns Across Multiple Platforms

Political campaigns today face long odds, strong challengers and well-financed opponents. With so much at stake, it’s critical that campaigns allocate the right resources in order to reach key voters and maximize investments. But doing so amid growing media fragmentation and device proliferation is no easy feat, as voters now have access to seemingly limitless information across more media platforms than ever before.

Nielsen’s Political Solutions Suite offer campaigns, consultants, political agencies and publishers an effective way to strategically plan, measure, and optimize political ad campaigns. Utilizing a specific suite of Nielsen’s television, audio, and digital tools, the Nielsen Political Solutions Suite helps campaigns plan, measure, and optimize using data across all platforms. These solutions assist campaigns in understanding how to reach voters, develop impactful messaging and increase the overall awareness of their candidates.

Party Affiliation By Congressional District

Source: Nielsen Scarborough/Rhiza 2017

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Nielsen’s Political Solutions Suite

Nielsen’s Political Solutions Suite offers campaigns, consultants, political agencies and publishers an effective way to strategically plan, measure, evaluate and ultimately optimize ad campaigns. The full suite of solutions include:

Nielsen Voter Ratings

Voter Ratings combines Nielsen’s television and audio ratings with voter data . The combined data provides a comprehensive understanding of media consumption by party affiliation and voting behavior segments. Nielsen Voter Ratings can be tied to a variety of segmentation systems as well as client-provided voter data. Ratings are produced on a local and national level (television only) and updated on a monthly basis to show changes in voter viewing and listening behaviors.

Local Voter Ratings (Television And Audio)

Nielsen Local Voter Ratings combines Nielsen currency television and audio ratings with a variety of segmentation systems. Data is updated monthly with currency ratings reporting for TV at the station, daypart and program levels and by station and format for audio. Powered by Nielsen Rhiza, voter data is brought to life with charts, graphs and mapping at state, congressional and legislative district levels.

National Voter Ratings

Nielsen National Voter Ratings is built on the foundation of Nielsen television ratings and integrates voter data with Nielsen’s National People Meter panel. Data is updated monthly and is available in NPOWER allowing for the evaluation of program delivery by program, genre and network.


Tailor Audience data To Voter Behavior

Source: Nielsen Voter Ratings

Nielsen Scarborough

Understanding what makes a voter tick goes well beyond basic demographics. Campaigns and consultants must also consider factors like geographic location, lifestyle, media preferences and interests in order to paint the complete voter portrait. With Scarborough Insights , clients can use more than 2,000 variables, including voter attributes such as registration status, party affiliation, and frequency of voting in local, state and presidential elections, to create customized voter segments across more than 150 key political markets. Clients can then analyze these segments in conjunction with TV and audio voter ratings to evaluate print, out-of-home and digital consumption behaviors for a cross-platform view of voter media preferences. Scarborough is available through Rhiza and PRIME Lingo®.

Nielsen Rhiza

Nielsen delivers Local Voter Ratings and Scarborough data through the Rhiza software platform, which uses a templated approach to bring voter data to life with charts, graphs and mapping at state, congressional and legislative district levels. It allows clients to quickly identify the programs and stations that best reach voters and allows for the direct creation of  compelling insights decks.

Digital Ad Ratings

Digital Ad Ratings provides actionable audience measurement for digital political advertising campaigns running across all digital screens (computer, smartphone, tablet, in-browser and in-app).

Digital Brand Effect

Digital Brand Effect allows clients to measure and optimize a campaign’s impact on a voter’s awareness, attitude, favorability, intent and preference.


KeepingTrac provides overnight tracking of television audience delivery and audit violations, allowing political media buyers to take corrective action while a campaign is still on air.  

Nielsen Media Impact + Local Nielsen Media Impact

Nielsen’s cross media planning solution enables marketers to optimize their advertising budget across platforms on a local or national level using key political audience segments from Nielsen Voter Ratings or Scarborough. In addition NMI allows media sellers to validate share shift scenarios and prove the added value of their platform to reach key audience segments. Download our one sheet to learn more about NMI Share Shift Analysis.

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