Podcast Buying Power

Understand Podcast Listeners’ Buying Behavior

Podcast subscriber counts continue to rise, but whose ears are under the headphones? Who really are podcast listeners? What podcasts and podcast genres do they listen to? Where are they shopping? What are they shopping for? These are key questions that marketers need to answer, as well as many more. Associating podcast listeners to consumer behavior is an essential part of reaching the right consumer through the right medium.

Insights from Nielsen’s Podcast Buying Power provide podcasters and brands with compelling information that associates podcast listeners by genre with their buying habits from Nielsen Scarborough.

Connecting Listeners and Buyers

Using a robust sample, Nielsen’s Podcast Buying Power service surveys individuals using tailored questions about podcast listening across 18 podcast genres and more than 2,000 consumer categories. The genres feature advertisers across an array of industries, with specific brands, such as insurance companies, automotive, quick-service restaurants, home improvement retailers and more.

Understand where podcasters shop, what they buy, what they watch, read and listen to, and more.

Retail Behaviors

Department Stores
Drug Stores
Furniture Stores
Shopping Centers
and more…

Entertainment & lifestyle

Household/Persons Demos
Sports Events Attended
Voting Behavior
Leisure Activities
and more…

Products & Services

Health Care
Banking & Financial
Fast Food & Restaurants


Direct Mail

Deep Audience Insights

For the first time, clients can profile specific shows using program titles collected from our subscribers in order to connect specific types of listeners with particular advertisers and specific program level insights.

Actionable data coupled with easy-to-use reports enables marketers to hit the ground running. Nielsen’s dynamic web-based software allows users to profile, cross-tab and create opportunity reports with data that Nielsen updates twice per year.

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