VOD Content Ratings

Measuring on-demand audiences

Consumers today live in an anytime, anywhere media environment. Now, more than ever, media companies must attract and retain viewers, and that means they need to keep tabs on engagement–at all times and across all platforms. Responding to this ever changing media landscape Nielsen’s VOD Content Ratings provides a comprehensive view of audiences viewing video-on-demand (VOD) content on television and all devices connected to the TV, including video game consoles, DVD players, and other over-the-top media.

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Actionable Insights

Consumers engage with content when and where they want it, so it’s imperative that media publishers can effectively monetize their content by establishing a comprehensive content distribution strategy. In addition, it’s critical that agencies are enabled to plan against VOD inventory to effectively position it to advertisers. VOD Content Ratings provides that insight by including program and episode-level insights across the period of time when the on-demand content is available. Additionally, the service measures VOD content that carries different commercials from what aired live and is therefore not eligible for C3/C7 credit. This can include VOD pre-premiere, VOD within 3 or 7 days or VOD beyond the 3 or 7 day window. The service is based on Nielsen’s National TV panel and provides full demographic and household composition analytics for on-demand audiences.


Ratings, reach, frequency, segmentations


All age/gender demo breaks


Custom reporting intervals, daily level and above

Data Delivery


Know your audience

We help clients understand audience viewing behavior across linear and VOD content so they can effectively position and value their inventory to advertisers. We also help agencies create comprehensive, cross-platform plans, which include VOD inventory with data in planning tools, such as Nielsen Media Impact. VOD Content Ratings helps to answer questions like:

  • Who is tuning into a VOD program?
  • Which programs are most viewed on VOD for a given target demographic?
  • How do VOD programs trend over the course of a week, month or total life cycle of the VOD content?
  • How many unique viewers did a VOD program reach?
  • How do VOD viewers compare with linear TV viewers?

Significant audience beyond day 3

Viewing out to Day 35, Average Audience % Distribution, P18-49

Source: Nielsen National TV Ratings and VOD Content Ratings, Blinded Network, Blinded Program, 11/13/2016 – 02/14/2017, P18-49

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