Analysing Uae Radio Audiences With Radio Advisor

Radio Advisor is Nielsen’s proprietary radio analysis tool that the radio industry uses to learn about radio listeners, which is a key component of Nielsen’s Radio Audience Measurement (RAM). It’s also used by the radio industry in most of the countries around the world where RAM is used.

Specifically built to enable simple intuitive access and custom report building, Radio Advisor allows radio broadcasters, media agencies and advertisers in the UAE to delve into the data to obtain key insights about their audiences that are important to them.

Radio Advisor:

  • Is comprehensive and provides ready-to-use information from a range of demographics and lifestyle measures, whilst also allowing users to create their own target audiences.
  • Facilities customized reporting against all radio listening measures to fit unique needs and questions.
  • Includes a built-in reach and frequency planning module to ensure that helps agencies and advertisers ensure that their radio campaigns are always optimized.
  • Provides all radio measures in easily accessible and understandable formats.
  • Allows users to export custom analyses as spreadsheets or graphs for ease of use.

We also provide users with Radio Advisor “How-To Guides,” which make up a series of simple instructions for building custom analyses.

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